Debating tournaments take place all around the world, usually hosted by the debating societies/clubs/unions of local Universities. These competitions allow you to test your debating mettle against debaters from all over the world. Society members have the opportunity to attend tournaments that are aimed towards different debating skill levels from novice to advanced. Tournaments usually take place over a weekend, with days dedicated to debating and evening socials where you can get to know debaters from all over Europe and the world.

In addition to the chance of accolades in the form of speaker or winning team awards, tournaments are one of the best ways to improve your debating skills. Debaters always debate in teams of two at University Debating tournaments, and the society will help you find a partner to compete with. Judging at tournaments is also a fantastic way to learn what judges are looking for in debates. There are great opportunities for those starting out debating to learn from experienced judges, by acting as “wing” judges who assist the “Chair” in judging. No matter what your skill level, a debating tournament is sure to be a one of a kind thrilling experience!