High school debating

Our mission is not only to advance university-level debating, but also to promote debating culture throughout Finland. This is why ADS cooperates with Finnish high schools, particularly in the Helsinki Greater Metropolitan area. High schoolers are welcome to check out our weekly debate practices to learn what debating in university will be like and to improve their rhetorical skills . Some high schoolers even join the society and go to tournaments to get a running start to British Parliamentary debating. Plenty of university level debating tournaments in Finland take place over a weekend, thus making it easy for a high schooler to fit into their schedule.

ADS has been proud to help out in the organizing of Finnish National High School Championships by providing judges and help with tabbing. The society also provides coaching and workshops for high schoolers. If you run a high school debate club or are a high school debating teacher, feel free to contact us for collaboration. Our debates are very newcomer friendly and we are very happy to have high schoolers in our society. As debating is a fun way to improve your critical thinking and public speaking skills, our stance is – the sooner you start debating the better!